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Evidence Review - Creating more equal societies: what works?  (30/06/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-01-16-508-EN-N

The aim of this review is to assess the effectiveness of education, wage setting institutions and welfare states in reducing inequality.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English.


Evidence Review - The strength of the link between income support and activation  (30/06/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-01-16-509-EN-N

The objective of this evidence review is to assess whether or not the strength of the link between income support and activation is an important factor affecting the effectiveness of labour market policy.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English.


Evidence review - Low pay and in-work poverty: preventative measures and preventative approaches  (30/06/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-01-16-501-EN-N

This review pulls together the existing evidence from across the European Union on the effectiveness of different policy interventions aimed at reducing low pay and in-work poverty.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English.


Evidence Review - Challenges of work-life balance faced by working families  (30/06/2016)

Catalog N. :QA-01-16-511-EN-N

The aim of this review is to providence evidence of the expected costs and benefits on work-life balance incurred by five reforms envisaged by the European Commission: the introduction of a carer's leave; paternity leave; paid parental leave; father's quota; breastfeed provisions at work; and flexible and part-time work arrangement.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English.


Social Agenda 44 - Integrating refugees  (26/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-044-EN-N

Integrating refugees into EU countries' labour markets is both a challenge and an opportunity. Social Agenda n°44 explains why and highlights the need to accelerate and deepen the integration process. The new sense of urgency brought about by the refugee crisis could bring new light and extra impetus to addressing wider issues such as unemployment, skills matching, a diminishing workforce, poverty, gender inequality and other forms of discrimination. It also takes a look at the on-going public consultation on an outline for a European pillar of social rights, the role of civil society in promoting an inclusive form of growth and the updating of the law on the posting of workers in other EU countries.


Peer Review in the Czech Republic: Provision of quality early childcare services  (02/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BF-16-002-EN-N

This Peer Review, held in Prague (November 2015), discussed Czech family policy at a time of change, and more specifically the future shape of the country’s early childhood education and care. Drawing on the experience of peer countries, international experts, the European Commission as well as local and European stakeholder organisations, it identified a number of practical lessons both for the Czech Republic and for the EU as a whole. This report summarises the key issues discussed and the lessons learned. It is available in electronic format in English, French, German and Czech.


Feltételekhez kötött készpénzjuttatások és a gyermekekre gyakorolt hatásuk - Magyarország, 2015. október 8–9.  (02/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BF-16-001-HU-N

A feltételekhez kötött készpénzjuttatások (CCT-k) bizonyos előfeltételek teljesítő személyeknek szóló kifizetések. A CCT-ket egyre nagyobb mértékben alkalmazzák, hogy a családokat a gyermekeik oktatásába való befektetésre ösztönözzék. Az ilyen programok hatásairól azonban kevés tudományos bizonyíték van. A budapesti szakértői értékelés (2015. október) a CCT-k bevezetéséről vagy megreformálásáról gondolkozó döntéshozók számára lehetőséget nyújtott arra, hogy megosszák a tapasztalataikat, és véleményt cseréljenek. Ez a jelentés a szakértői értékelés során megvitatott fő kérdéseket és a levont tanulságokat összegzi, és elektronikus formátumban angolul, németül, franciául és magyarul érhető el.


Minimum Income Schemes in Europe - A study of national policies  (10/03/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-02-15-950-EN-N

This report of the European Social Policy Network (ESPN) highlights and assesses the contribution of minimum income schemes to preventing and alleviating poverty and social exclusion. It also studies to what extent minimum income schemes are effectively linked with other benefits and services so as to support recipients’ inclusion into the labour market.


Social Agenda 43 - Pensions  (09/02/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-043-EN-C

A cultural revolution is required if the EU countries want to ensure adequate pensions for the generations to come. Social Agenda n°43 focuses on pensions at a time when the EU social partners are on the verge of launching negotiations on how to change the way age is managed at work. This issue of Social Agenda also addresses demographic change (how it can be an opportunity), the EU disability strategy (which is being reviewed) and the refugee issue (how EU funds can be used to help welcome and integrate them).

Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.


Review of recent social policy reform - Report of the Social Protection Committee (2015)  (07/01/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BO-15-001-EN-N

The 2015 Report of the Social Protection Committee takes stock of recent social policy reforms in the EU. The report sheds light on the key challenges facing EU policymakers in the areas of social inclusion, poverty reduction, Roma inclusion, pensions, health care and long-term care needs, and analyses the reforms introduced to overcome them. It stresses the need for an integrated approach of social protection, covering a citizen’s entire life course, from childbirth and related care through to education, training and employment, family and social life and finally retirement.

This publication is available only in electronic version in English.

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