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Andere publicaties

  • 18/04/2012

    Social Agenda 29 - Ageing society - Time for action

    2012 being the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, Social Agenda issue 29 devotes a special feature to this event. This issue also presents key policy documents which the European Commission recently adopted, on how to concretely achieve a job-rich recovery, keep pensions adequate, safe and sustainable, and anticipate and prepare company restructuring. Further subjects include an EU-funded project on how to boost inclusive entrepreneurship, a cross-border social security coordination project and the social dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy. On top of regular items, this issue features an interview with Lieve Fransen, European Commission Director for Social Policies and Europe 2020. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German.

  • 21/03/2012

    Hoe willen we ouder worden? Campagne voeren voor een betere samenleving voor jong en oud

    Het Europees Jaar voor actief ouder worden en solidariteit tussen de generaties 2012 wil bewustwording kweken voor de bijdrage van ouderen aan de samenleving en hoe dit ondersteund kan worden. Het streven is erop gericht beleidsmakers en de belangrijkste betrokken partijen op alle niveaus te stimuleren en te mobiliseren om actie te ondernemen ten einde betere kansen voor actief ouder worden te scheppen en de solidariteit tussen de generaties te versterken. Deze publicatie is beschikbaar in gedrukte vorm in alle officiële EU-talen, alsook in het IJslands.

  • 01/01/2012

    How to promote active ageing in Europe

    The brochure shows what resources are available and invites regional and local stakeholders to make the best possible use of them, preferably working in partnerships involving several countries. It presents numerous examples of projects which have received EU funding. It also includes short presentations of the most relevant EU funding programmes to support new active ageing projects.