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How are refugees faring on the labour market in Europe? Working Paper 1/2016  (07/09/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-01-16-824-EN-N

This paper is a joint effort by the OECD and the European Commission to make a first evaluation of the situation on refugees on the labour market. It is based on the 2014 EU Labour Force Survey. Available evidence confirms that refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to labour market integration but show however, significant differences across European countries.


Synthèse sur le changement d’échelle et la maximisation de l’impact des entreprises sociales  (05/09/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-04-16-552-FR-N

Cette synthèse sur les stratégies et politiques pour soutenir le changement d’échelle et la maximisation de l’impact des entreprises sociales a été réalisée dans le cadre d’une coopération pluriannuelle entre le programme LEED de l’OCDE et la direction générale de l’emploi, des affaires sociales et de l’inclusion de la Commission européenne. Elle commence par définir ce qu’est une entreprise sociale et ce que signifie le changement d’échelle dans le contexte des entreprises sociales. Ensuite, elle compare les schémas de changement d’échelle des entreprises sociales et des entreprises conventionnelles, confrontant impact social et maximisation des profits, étudiant les types de biens et services concernés, mais aussi les relations entre les parties prenantes. Elle poursuit en présentant des stratégies précises de changement d’échelle pour maximiser l’impact des entreprises sociales et, pour finir, met en lumière les difficultés et réponses politiques à cet égard.


Cost–benefit analysis of remedial interventions for the long-term unemployed  (22/08/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-04-16-731-EN-N

Addressing long-term unemployment is one of the objectives of the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES), as defined in Art 2 of the Decision on enhanced cooperation between PES. In its work programme for 2015, the Network included activities addressing the role of PES in the area of long term unemployment including (at the request of the European Commission, EC), a working group on the integration of the long term unemployed.

This publication is available only in English in electronic format.


The impact of unemployment on heart disease and stroke mortality in European Union countries  (20/07/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-02-16-631-EN-N

This paper examines the relation between unemployment and cardiovascular disease mortality in EU countries between 2000 and 2010. Two separate studies are summarized and highlight the increase in heart disease and stroke mortality rates as potential outcomes of the greatly extended unemployment rate during this period.

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Inferring migrations: traditional methods and new approaches based on mobile phone, social media, and other big data  (20/07/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-02-16-632-EN-N

This report addresses the question of whether it is technically, financially and legally feasible to estimate geographic mobility and migration flows in the European Union. The study reviews state-of-the-art methods to measure stocks and flows of migrants using traditional data sources but also new and innovative data sources such as mobile phone data and social media data. It finds that it is indeed feasible to estimate geographic mobility and migration flows in the European Union but that that it depends on several important factors such as access to data, legal obstacles and desired outcomes that are outlined in the paper.

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Duration of unemployment and self-perceived health in Europe  (20/07/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-04-16-541

This study highlights the strong relation between unemployment, especially long-term unemployment, and poor self-perceived health. It shows that unemployment increased bad and very bad self-perceived health in European countries between 2004 and 2013. The longer the duration of unemployment, the stronger is the effect on self-perceived health.  The study helps evaluate more comprehensively the impact of the crisis, (long-term) unemployment and inactivity on the health of individuals, thus showing that the labour market situation spills over into other important areas of public policy such as healthcare.

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Inclusive Business Creation - Good Practice Compendium  (30/06/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-01-16-314-EN-N

This compendium contains 20 case studies of public programmes in European countries that are successfully supporting business creation by people from disadvantaged and under-represented groups in entrepreneurship. The populations targeted by these programmes include youth, women, seniors, the unemployed, immigrants, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities. Each programme description details the programme’s activities and approach, assesses the challenges faced in development and implementation, and offers tips for successful transfer to other contexts.

This publication is only available in electronic format in English. German and French versions will follow.


Practitioner’s toolkit to assist PES with the development of customer satisfaction measurement systems  (25/05/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-02-16-407-EN-N

This toolkit is intended to assist public employment services (PES) in designing and implementing their approach to measuring customer satisfaction. It provides concrete guidance and tools to develop customer satisfaction measurement systems from scratch or to review and refine existing systems.


Measuring customer satisfaction with PES - Increasing PES effectiveness by meeting customer needs  (25/05/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-02-16-337-EN-N

This analytical paper aims to raise awareness of the wider concepts and developments relating to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction measurement in publics sector organisations, particularly public employment services.


Institutional moral hazard in the multi-tiered regulation of unemployment and social assistance benefits and activation  (25/04/2016)

N° de catalogue :KE-04-16-363-EN-N

This paper studies eight countries in which the regulation of unemployment benefits and related benefits and the concomitant activation of unemployed individuals has a multi-tiered architecture. It assesses their experiences and tries to understand possible problems of ‘institutional moral hazard’ that may emerge in the context of a hypothetical European Unemployment Benefit Scheme.