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Découvrez les nouveautés et téléchargez des publications officielles et des études sur des sujets liés aux politiques de l’Union européenne en matière d’emploi, d’affaires sociales et d’inclusion.

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  • 12/10/2017

    Agenda social n° 49 – L’enseignement et la formation professionnels - un rôle clé pour relever les défis d’aujourd'hui

    A l'approche de la prochaine Semaine européenne des compétences professionnelles (20-24 novembre), la commissaire européenne Marianne Thyssen souligne l’importance stratégique de l'enseignement et la formation professionnels et des compétences pour relever les défis actuels de l’Europe. Outre un dossier spécial sur les compétences, ce numéro présente trois options pour la politique sociale de l’Europe à l’horizon 2025 qui font actuellement l'objet d'un débat dans toute l’Union. Il comprend aussi un article sur les nouvelles formes de travail et sur les mesures qui sont envisagées pour garantir que tous les travailleurs aient accès la protection sociale et aux services publics de l’emploi, et que tout le monde puisse bénéficier de contrats de travail appropriés. Un article sur la Grèce analyse l'action du Fonds social européen pour aider le pays à mettre en place un régime de revenu minimum. 

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  • 05/12/2017

    The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 - Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

    The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 is the fourth edition in a series of publications that examine how public policies at national, regional and local levels can support job creation, economic growth and social inclusion by overcoming obstacles to business start-ups and self-employment by people from disadvantaged or under-represented groups in entrepreneurship. It shows that there is substantial potential to combat unemployment and increase labour market participation by facilitating business creation in populations such as women, youth, the unemployed, and migrants. However, the specific problems they face need to be recognised and addressed with effective and efficient policy measures.

  • 15/11/2017

    Business cooperating with vocational education and training providers for quality skills and attractive futures

    This study analyses examples of cooperation between vocational education and training (VET) and businesses. Initiatives such as dual study programmes in Germany or the VET programme developed by the Danish retail chain Coop show how VET-business cooperation influences the quality and attractiveness of VET.

  • 13/11/2017

    Toolbox 2017 edition - Quality of Public administration

    The Toolbox aims to support, guide and encourage those who want to modernise public administrations in support of prosperous, fair and resilient societies. It is intended as a reference and resource by pointing readers to existing EU policies and international practices, illustrated by inspirational case studies.

    The 2017 edition builds on user feedback and demand for more detailed information, as well as wider coverage of topics. It includes more recent policy developments and refreshed case studies.

    The detailed chapters (full version) can be downloaded below. The abridged version is available in one single file (scroll down and download).


  • 10/11/2017

    Renforcez vos Compétences! (carte postale)

    La nouvelle initiative européenne sur les “Parcours de renforcement des compétences”: une chance pour les adultes qui ont besoin d’améliorer leurs capacités en matière de lecture, d’écriture, de mathématiques ainsi que leurs compétences digitales.

  • 08/11/2017

    Drop’pin@EURES is for education providers

    Are you an education provider in Europe? Could your students benefit from post-school apprenticeships, traineeships or internships? Are they looking to improve their skills to boost their employment chances? Then Drop’pin@EURES is the place for you – and them.

    Drop’pin@EURES is an online platform where young Europeans can discover opportunities to improve their employability, and bridge the gap between education and a future career. Encourage your students to access everything that Drop’pin@EURES has to offer and you’ll be helping them to develop their skills, gain valuable experience and maximise their employability.