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Tutvuge uudistega ning laadige alla ametlikke väljaandeid ja uuringutulemusi, mis on seotud Euroopa Liidu poliitikaga tööhõive, sotsiaalküsimuste ja sotsiaalse kaasatuse valdkonnas.

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  • 12/01/2018

    Social Agenda 50 – The new social dimension

    Things are moving fast as employment and social affairs make up a decisive part of the roadmap to a more united and democratic EU by June 2019, announced by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in September 2017: the Commission proposals to make it happen must be on the table of the European Parliament and Council by May 2018 at the latest.

    We explain how the European Pillar of Social Rights, proclaimed by EU leaders last November, serves as a framework for preparing them and is strengthening the social dimension of EU economic governance.

    We also review proposals for an EU framework to raise the quality of apprenticeships, report on evidence of an urgent need to take on intergenerational inequality and show how social innovation is a must to ensure sustainable economic growth.

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  • 17/04/2018

    ESCO Handbook

    the Commission has developed ESCO, a classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations available in 26 European languages. As a multilingual digital tool, ESCO connects people with jobs by supporting both employers looking to find the right people for their vacancies and jobseekers looking to find the right jobs for their skills. The ESCO handbook contains general information about ESCO and gives a general overview of the different aspects of the classification.

  • 13/04/2018

    Labour shortages and surpluses 2017

    This report identifies shortage and surplus occupations in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. It explores the causes of shortages and proposes potential solutions. Some of the jobs in short supply in 2017 include cooks, plumbers, generalist medical practitioners and systems analysts, while there is less demand for general office clerks; shop sales assistants and advertising and marketing professionals. Ultimately, this analysis aims at creating a model which can accurately and comprehensively identify imbalances and cross-border matching possibilities.

    Previous reports on the topic:

  • 12/04/2018

    European Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017

    The annual European Day of Persons with Disabilities Conference which was
    held in Brussels on the 4th and 5th of December 2017 fulfilled once again its
    unique role as a major event for highlighting the challenges faced by persons
    with disabilities, and exploring how these can be solved.

  • 10/04/2018

    Synthesis Report of ESF 2017 Annual Implementation Reports

    The present report has been prepared in the frame of the “ESF Performance and Thematic Reports”. It provides a summary of monitoring information reported by Member States in their Annual Implementation Reports as delivered until September 6th, 2017. This reporting cycle covers 2016, and aggregates 2014-2016 implementation data and information.

    Overview contents of report:

    • An assessment of the consistency of reporting by MA and the reporting on progress on general ex ante conditionality 7  based on the AIRs.
    • An overview of the progress made in the implementation
    • An overview of the progress towards the milestones and targets of the performance framework.
    • An analysis of the contribution to the main EU policy objectives
    • Specific actions undertaken by MA

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  • 21/03/2018

    The European jobs network in 2017

    The European jobs network in 2017 in a nutshell