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Related Publications

  • 29/09/2011

    Transferability of Skills across Economic Sectors: Role and Importance for Employment at European Level

    Economic restructuring requires a flexible workforce with a range of transferable skills. This publication analyses the role of such skills in career pathways and the labour market, and levels of skill transferability across sectors in the current context and during the years leading up to 2020. It also looks at the roles of actors involved in promoting transferability and methods for enhancing job mobility, before making final recommendations. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German and appendices (EU survey; good practice examples; EU workshops; knowledge and skills’ transferability in 2020; definitions of basic terms; importance of human capital stock during economic recession; methodological background of skills transferability analysis; outputs of skills transferability analysis; extended information on players and tools; extended information on recommendations) can be found only online under the following link:

  • 20/06/2011

    Social Agenda 27 - Adapting to change - the EU approach to restructuring

    Issue 27 of Social Agenda has a special feature on restructuring and also looks at demographic developments, including an interview on the topic with European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee Chair, Pervenche Berès. Other subjects include opening of labour markets to workers from new Member States, the Youth@Work action and moves to green the global economy. Along with regular items such as latest news, the issue presents a new Commission guide for organising social services and outcomes of the recent EU pension consultation. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German.

  • 09/11/2010

    Investing in well being at work — Addressing psychosocial risks in times of change

    As part of the EU’s employment and social solidarity programme, PROGRESS, this publication “Investing in well-being at work” looks at the psychosocial risks in time of change. There is a growing body of evidence of the potential negative effects that restructuring has on the health of workers and their families. Uncertainty and job insecurity also represent an important link between restructuring programmes and effects on employees’ health (depression, absenteeism, difficulty sleeping ...). This leaflet highlights some of the central issues associated with organizational change, restructuring, health and well-being, and explains what can be done to prepare organizations and people more effectively for major changes. This publication is available in printed format in English, French and German.

  • 05/03/2010

    EGF - European Globalisation Adjustment Fund - Lost your job? The EGF may be able to help

    The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund is a key part of Europe's response to the global financial crisis. This leaflet provides background on the creation, purpose and activities of the Fund, including job-search assistance, training and certification.  It also details who is eligible for to receive support and details where they can get additional information on the EGF. It is available in printed format in English, French and German and in electronic format in all other EU official languages.