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Analytical Web Note 1/2016 - Labour Market Transitions  (17/06/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BM-15-012-EN-N

This Web Note presents empirical evidence on labour market transitions in the European Union (EU) using the new flow statistics from the EU Labour Force Survey (EU‐LFS) and micro-data from the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EUSILC). While the new transition rates from the EU-LFS have the advantage of being more timely, they provide limited information on socio-demographic characteristics and employment conditions. By contrast, EU-SILC micro-data are less timely, but allow more detailed individual characteristics (age, gender, education, type of contract, etc.) to be brought into the analysis.

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The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens  (09/06/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-02-15-657-EN-N

The EU has developed the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens — known as DigComp — and a related self-assessment tool. These resources provide people with the opportunity to assess their digital competence and identify gaps in their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Using DigComp will help citizens to achieve goals related to work, employability, learning, leisure and participation in the digital society.


Practitioner’s toolkit to assist PES with the development of customer satisfaction measurement systems  (25/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-02-16-407-EN-N

This toolkit is intended to assist public employment services (PES) in designing and implementing their approach to measuring customer satisfaction. It provides concrete guidance and tools to develop customer satisfaction measurement systems from scratch or to review and refine existing systems.


Measuring customer satisfaction with PES - Increasing PES effectiveness by meeting customer needs  (25/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-02-16-337-EN-N

This analytical paper aims to raise awareness of the wider concepts and developments relating to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction measurement in publics sector organisations, particularly public employment services.


Study on higher vocational education and training in the EU  (24/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-04-16-319-EN-N

This study provides an overview of all forms of higher vocational education and training (VET) across the 28 EU member states. It focuses on identifying and understanding the main characteristics and features of higher VET and also reviews the main trends, developments and challenges of this form of education.

The annexes include an overview of the types of programmes and qualifications analysed, case studies, statistics, list of experts and templates.


Pilot project - Promoting protection of the right to housing - Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions  (18/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE0216339

This study focuses on the protection of the right to housing in EU countries and in particular on evictions from primary residences. It provides an overview and analysis of available data and trends regarding housing evictions, and establishes the reasons for and impacts of eviction. The report focuses in particular on the link between eviction and homelessness. It also reviews the measures put in place by Member States to prevent evictions and enable early interventions. In addition, the study suggests ways to improve data collection and monitoring of evictions. On the basis of this research and analysis, a number of recommendations are suggested to promote protection of the right to housing and homelessness prevention in the context of evictions.

Annex: List of provisions in EU Member States constitutions preventing forcible entry to the home without due process or law


Peer Review in Hungary: Conditional cash transfers and their impact on children  (02/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BF-16-001-EN-N

Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) are payments to people who meet certain conditions. CCTs are increasingly being used to encourage families to invest in their children. However, there is limited scientific evidence on the effects of such programmes. The Peer Review in Budapest (October 2015) gave policy-makers thinking of introducing or reforming CCTs the opportunity to share experience and exchange views. This report summarises the key issues discussed and the lessons learned. It is available in electronic format in English, French, German and Hungarian.


Poskytování kvalitních služeb rané péče o děti - Česká republika, 10.–11. listopadu 2015  (02/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-BF-16-002-CS-N

Vzájemné hodnocení, které se konalo v Praze (listopadu 2015), se týkalo české rodinné politiky v období změn a konkrétněji budoucí podoby českého systému raného vzdělávání a péče o děti. Na základě zkušeností hodnocených zemí, mezinárodních expertů, Evropské komise i místních a evropských zainteresovaných organizací byla identifikována řada praktických ponaučení pro Českou republiku i EU jako celek. Tato publikace shrnuje klíčové otázky, o nichž bylo diskutováno, a absolvované lekce. Tato publikace je dostupná v elektronickém formátu v angličtině, francouzštině, němčině a češtině.


Feasibility study for the creation of an EU level network of national associations representing vocational education and training (VET) providers  (02/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-01-16-012-EN-N

This study looks at possible means to strengthen cooperation at EU level with national associations representing vocational education and training (VET) providers. In particular, it reviews the feasibility of creating a European level network of national associations. The study gathered stakeholders’ perceptions about current arrangements and on establishing a European network. It also presents an illustrative overview of existing organizations at country level (annex). Based on this input, the report compares different options and makes recommendations for actions at EU and national level.

Annex: list of national associations identified


Costs and Benefits of a Council Decision implementing the European sectoral social partners' Agreement concerning the implementation of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 of the ILO  (29/04/2016)

Catalog N. :KE0216350

This study assesses the impact of carrying into effect an agreement negotiated by European social partners’ on the implementation of a Convention by the International Labour Organisation on working conditions on fishing vessels.  

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