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EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review - June 2014  (30/06/2014)

EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review - June 2014

The EU labour market is gradually recovering and, for the first time since 2011, GDP, employment and household incomes are growing. However, long-term unemployment is still increasing and the situation of households with low incomes has not improved. These are some of the main conclusions of the European Commission's latest Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review. The current issue of the Quarterly is the first one to provide a tool to facilitate the access to regularly updated underlying data, charts and tables. These are accessible from the document or downloadable from the web. This Report is available in electronic format in English only.

Supplement on mobility

Download data and charts: Recurrent analysis - latest update

Download data and charts: Supplement on geographical mobility in the EU

Download data and charts: Focus on women and low-skilled workers

See also: Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2013 (21/01/2014)

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