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Social Agenda 46 – Boosting youth employment  (19/12/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-16-046-EN-C

The EU Youth Guarantee has got off to a good start: in 2014 and 2015, it made a difference in the lives of more than 9 million young people across Europe and it is driving in-depth structural reforms in the Member States. Social Agenda n°46 explains how and highlights what more needs to be done to accelerate and release the full potential of the national plans for implementing the Youth Guarantee. With a blueprint of a European Pillar of Social Rights due for adoption in 2017, Social Agenda also explains the context in which this initiative was born. And it puts the spotlight on plans to achieve more evidence-based social policy making by modernising the way data from social surveys is collected and used across the EU.


Social Agenda 45 - Skills: a new agenda  (25/08/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-16-045-EN-N

Social Agenda n°45 focuses on the recently adopted New Skills Agenda for Europe which supports training, learning, re-training and upskilling in order to better equip citizens for the labour market. The initiative brings clarity to the recognition of education systems, qualifications and skills across Europe, and ensures better skills profiles for third-country nationals.

This issue also highlights the action plan on the integration of third-country nationals, including asylum-seekers and refugees, adopted by the European Commission on 7 June.


Social Agenda 44 - Integrating refugees  (26/05/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-044-EN-N

Integrating refugees into EU countries' labour markets is both a challenge and an opportunity. Social Agenda n°44 explains why and highlights the need to accelerate and deepen the integration process. The new sense of urgency brought about by the refugee crisis could bring new light and extra impetus to addressing wider issues such as unemployment, skills matching, a diminishing workforce, poverty, gender inequality and other forms of discrimination. It also takes a look at the on-going public consultation on an outline for a European pillar of social rights, the role of civil society in promoting an inclusive form of growth and the updating of the law on the posting of workers in other EU countries.


Social Agenda 43 - Pensions  (09/02/2016)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-043-EN-C

A cultural revolution is required if the EU countries want to ensure adequate pensions for the generations to come. Social Agenda n°43 focuses on pensions at a time when the EU social partners are on the verge of launching negotiations on how to change the way age is managed at work. This issue of Social Agenda also addresses demographic change (how it can be an opportunity), the EU disability strategy (which is being reviewed) and the refugee issue (how EU funds can be used to help welcome and integrate them).

Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.


Social Agenda 42 - Long term unemployment  (30/10/2015)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-042-EN-C

For the long-term unemployed, the European Commission proposes a European framework for a pathway back to work, with a comprehensive assessment between 12 and 18 months of unemployment, a single contact person for all aspects of life and a contractual back-to-work agreement.  Social Agenda n°42 presents this proposal from several angles. It has similarities with the Youth Guarantee which, two years after its launch, has created focus and momentum. This issue of Social Agenda also explains the on-going ESF simplification revolution and how the European year for development 2015 relates to employment, social affairs and inclusion.

This publication is available in paper version in English, French and German.


Social Agenda 41 - The skills imperative  (20/07/2015)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-15-041-EN-N

Skills and vocational education and training: this is what n°41 of Social Agenda is all about. Tackling employment and social affairs from the skills angle helps connecting the world of education to that of the labour market and tackling the challenges the EU is presently facing in a new, pragmatic way - taking people's concrete needs as a starting point. This issue of Social Agenda will help you follow, and take part in, the making of the EU's future skills strategy which Marianne Thyssen - Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility European Commissioner - will propose in 2016. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.


Social Agenda 40 - EU economic policy in the making  (20/04/2015)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-14-040-EN-C

Every year since 2010, between January and July, EU countries get together to examine each other's economic policies and agree on country-specific Recommendations. At a time when the EU demography is shrinking and technological change is accelerating, social investment is key to ensuring a sustainable crisis exit and future prosperity. The social partners therefore have a crucial role to play in EU economic governance – a fast evolving process, as this issue shows. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.

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Social Agenda 39 - The new Commission  (23/12/2014)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-13-039-EN-C

What does the new European Commission have in store in the field of employment and social affairs for the next five years? This is precisely what Social Agenda asked the new Commissioner responsible for this area, Marianne Thyssen. Articles on green jobs, social investment and how the European Social Fund is being used highlight other key priorities of the Commission which took office in November 2014. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.

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Social Agenda 38 - Health and safety 2014-2020  (06/10/2014)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-13-038-EN-C

The 2007-2012 strategy contributed to reducing the number of work-related accidents. The new one focuses on work-related diseases, adapting the work place to longer working lives, health and safety in micro and small enterprises and making prevention a reflex for all.  The magazine also features an extensive interview with outgoing European Commissioner László Andor and a presentation of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived. Social Agenda is available in English, French and German, also in print.


Social Agenda 37 - The new European Social Fund  (12/06/2014)

Catalog N. :KE-AF-13-037-EN-N

This issue of Social Agenda looks at the new European Social Fund and European Globalisation Adjustment Fund. It highlights the on-going public consultation on how the EU's growth and jobs strategy is going and presents initiatives to make EURES a more pro-active cross-EU job placement tool, manage better company or public service restructuring and ensure quality traineeships. And who are the missing entrepreneurs? Available in English, French and German, also in print.