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FEAD: Prispieť k zmene

Fond európskej pomoci pre najodkázanejšie osoby (FEAD) pomáha krajinám EÚ pri riešení základných potrieb ľudí v najväčšej núdzi.

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  • Dĺžka : 01:28
  • Dátum: Jan 2016

Fond európskej pomoci pre najodkázanejšie osoby (FEAD)

V tomto animovanom videu sa predstavuje FEAD – čo to je a ako funguje.

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  • Dĺžka : 01:45
  • Dátum: Jan 2015

Commissioner Marianne Thyssen: Commission makes 1 billion euro available to boost youth employment

Today the European Commission has adopted a proposal to make 1 billion euro from the budget of the Youth Employment Initiative available already in 2015.

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  • Dĺžka : 02:33
  • Dátum: Jul 2015

Micro-credit: Overview

Micro-credit in the EU means loans under €25,000.

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  • Dĺžka : 51''
  • Dátum: Feb 2011


28/02/2011 - Opening of MICROSTART, the first Microcredit Agency in Belgium (Saint-Gilles- Brussels).

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  • Dĺžka : 9'32
  • Dátum: Feb 2011
  • Počet zobrazení : 199

Microfinance: A New Facility for You

45 000 loans could be given over the next 8 years, specifically targeting the unemployed young people and people from disadvantage groups.

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  • Dĺžka : 3'40''
  • Dátum: Jul 2010
  • Počet zobrazení : 1166

Europe acts to fight the crisis: the European Globalisation Fund revitalised

Europe’s specially designed recovery plan must help to relieve most of the social effects of the crisis.

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  • Dĺžka : 3'23''
  • Dátum: Jun 2009
  • Počet zobrazení : 12064

Facing up to a globalised world

In response to a constantly evolving labour market, the European Commission is taking concrete action through the launch of a new fund to protect workers from changing global trade patterns.

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  • Dĺžka : 3'30''
  • Dátum: May 2009
  • Počet zobrazení : 257


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