Cosán nascleanúna

An Bhliain Eorpach um Chomhrac na Bochtaineachta agus an Eisiaimh Shóisialta

Tabhair faoi deara nach mbeidh foilseacháin áirithe ar fáil ach amháin i mBéarla, i bhFraincis nó i nGearmáinis.

Na doiciméid is déanaí


The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion - A European framework for social and territorial cohesion  (12/08/2011)

Catalóg N. :KE-31-11-252-EN-C

The EU has identified restoring economic growth and providing more and better jobs as key factors in fighting poverty. In order to help achieve this, the European Commission proposes establishing a European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion. This Communication sets out the challenges presented by poverty and exclusion and outlines the contribution of different policies to reducing poverty and increasing inclusion. It goes on to identify a number of associated actions and to explain the design and the content of the Platform. This publication is available in printed format in all EU official languages.


European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion - Springboard into the future  (08/07/2011)

Catalóg N. :KE-31-11-111-EN-C

What defines poverty? The EU-level policy standard is that people are at risk of poverty if they have an income of 60 % or less than the national median household income. Poverty means a daily struggle to buy food and clothes. It means living in substandard housing or not even having a roof over one’s head.


Getting out of Poverty - Hope for the future: examples of change  (01/11/2010)

Catalóg N. :KE-80-09-932-EN-C

Europe is one of the world’s richest regions with a diverse and sophisticated economy that provides a high standard of living. The wealth Europe has generated allows many of its citizens to enjoy good quality healthcare, education and social assistance. Nevertheless, a huge number of people are not able to share the fruits of this success. It is estimated that the European Union is home to about 84 million people who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.


Social Agenda 24 -Promoting Roma inclusion: the way forward  (30/06/2010)

Catalóg N. :KE-AF-09-024-EN-C

Issue 24 of Social Agenda focuses on the situation of Roma in the EU and on the most effective ways to promote their inclusion in society. It also examines the need to improve and adapt the skills of Europe’s workforce to respond to future job market demands. The issue looks at the social costs of the economic crisis and introduces the European Progress Microfinance Facility, aimed at those who wish to start or expand a small business. The magazine also reports on European citizens' perceptions of gender equality and on the achievements of the European social dialogue. It is available in English, French and German.


Eurobarometer Survey on Poverty and Social Exclusion 2009  (27/10/2009)

Catalóg N. :KE-80-09-930-EN-C

Solidarity is one of the guiding principles of the European Union, meaning that all citizens should be able to share in the benefits of prosperous times, while also sharing the burden of times of difficulty. Yet nearly 80 million Europeans live below the poverty line, and many face serious obstacles in accessing employment, education, housing, social and financial services.


An chomh-thuarascail um chosaint shoisialta agus um chuimsiu soisialta 2009 – achoimre: Cuimsiu soisialta, pinsin, curam slainte agus curam fadtearmach  (14/09/2009)

Catalóg N. :KE-31-09-121-GA-C

Soláthraíonn an bhileog eolais seo achoimre ar an gComh-Thuarascáil um Chosaint Shóisialta agus um Chuimsiú Sóisialta 2009. Bunaithe ar thuarascálacha na Stráitéise Náisiúnta ina leagtar amach na tosaíochtaí náisiúnta do chosaint shóisialta agus do chuimsiú sóisialta, cuireann an bhileog eolais cuntas ar fail ina bpléitear príomh-threochtaí an Aontais Eorpaigh agus na príomh-threochtaí ar leibhéil náisiúnta sna réimsí seo. Tá an foilseachán seo ar fáil i bhformáid chlóite i dteangacha oifigiúla uile an AE.


Joint report on social protection and social inclusion 2009  (27/07/2009)

Catalóg N. :KE-AK-09-001-EN-C

The Joint Report on Social Protection and Social Inclusion 2009 presents an in-depth assessment of the renewed National Strategy Reports. Originally presented in autumn 2008, these reports outline every Member State's social protection and inclusion policy priorities until 2011. It is available in English only.


Thematic study on policy measures concerning child poverty  (07/10/2008)

Catalóg N. :KE-30-08-592-EN-C, ISBN 978-92-79-09-597-9, ISSN 1830-5423

Written for the general public, this leaflet presents the principal findings of a report identifying the predominant factors affecting child poverty in each EU Member State. It summarises the policy implications contained in the report, to give a clearer picture of the child poverty situation in the EU, what is being done, and what still needs to be done to achieve the common aim – eradicating child poverty. It exist in 23 languages.


A more cohesive society for a stronger Europe  (13/03/2007)

Catalóg N. :KE-76-06-439-EN-D

This leaflet illustrates the Open Method of Coordination - the European Union's commitment to social protection and social inclusion. It is available in 22 official languages of the European Union.