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Call for Proposals VP/2017/015
EaSI - Establishment of 4-years framework partnership agreements to support EU-level networks active in the areas of social inclusion and poverty reduction or microfinance and social enterprise finance & Operating grants for 2018

The video recording of the information session held on 7 September 2017 is available online. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Corrigendum applicable only to applicants for area 2 "Access to finance (demand and supply side of microfinance and social enterprise finance markets)

Due to a technical problem, the application forms "4-year strategic plan 2018-2021" and "Annual work programme 2018" (as referred both in the call for proposal, see section 12 "Instructions for the presentation of the application and required documents" and points 7 and 8 of the check list) and made available in the SWIM application, ) are not the correct versions.)

The correct templates for the 'Strategic Plan 2018-2021' and 'Annual work programme 2018' can be found below in PDF format. The Word versions are as follows:

Please use these templates instead of the ones available in SWIM. After having been filled, these application forms must be uploaded in SWIM, instead of the templates currently available.

Applicants to area 2 "Access to finance (demand and supply side of microfinance and social enterprise finance markets)" are informed that in any case, the use of a wrong template will not invalidate their application.

(Applicants for Area 1 "Social inclusion and poverty reduction" are not concerned by the present corrigendum and can continue to use the existing templates available in the SWIM application.)

Deadline for submitting proposals: 29/09/2017

Online since 19/07/2017
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