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Ref.-Nr. Titel
VT/2009/008 Bekanntmachung über vergebene Aufträge Öffentliche Ausschreibung: Studie über Sozialdienstleistungen von allgemeinem Interesse
VT/2011/008 WEESP - web tool for evaluated employment services practices
VT/2011/007 Framework contract for services relating to the assistance and technical services relating to the development, management and dissemination of the ESCO classification
VT/2011/051 Framework Contract for services in support of communication activities in the field of employment, social affairs and inclusion
VT/2011/009 Framework contract on helpdesk and other support services to the EURES portal
VT/2010/048 Study on the role of men in gender equality
VT/2010/031 Study on the Implementation of Directive 2005/47/EC regarding working conditions of mobile workers engaged in interoperable cross-border railway services
VT/2010/027 Organisation of exchange of good practices on gender equality
VT/2010/015 Framework contract on services related to Information, Publications and Communication activities for EURES
VT/2010/010 Study on "Development/maintenance of the labour market model"
VT/2010/009 Monitoring of sectoral employment
VT/2009/046 Studies contracts on "Monitoring of the EU employment policypriorities in the context of the post-Lisbon 2010 agenda and strengthening ofthe methodological capacity to assess policy responses at MS and the EU level"
VT/2009/043 Developing efficient activation approaches and identifying elements for regional cooperation in the western Balkans
VT/2009/039 Studies on Flexicurity
VT/2009/038 Studies on 'sustainability issues — green jobs; trade and labour'
VT/2009/037 Role and impact of labour taxation policies
VT/2009/020 New skills for new jobs
VT/2009/014 A comparative study on access to justice in gender equality and anti-discrimination
VT/2009/013 Study on the use of age, disbility, sex, religion or belief, race or ethnic origin and sexual orientation in financial service, in particular in the insurance and banking sectors
VT/2009/012 Study on Equality Bodies set up under Directives 2000/43/EC, 2004/113/EC and et 2006/54/CE
VT/2009/005 Support for voluntary initiatives promoting diversity management at the workplace