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To find information on the current situation of EGF applications you can make queries by typing in a keyword and/or using one or several of the predefined criteria below.

How it works

1. When:

  • a Member State is made aware of large-scale redundancies caused by globalisation or a crisis, and
  • after the employer and the worker representatives have agreed on their social plan

a plan to help the workers affected is designed under the auspices of the EGF Contact Persons of that Member State.

2. The plan may be submitted as an application to the European Union for part-funding through the EGF.

3. The European Commission assesses it and proposes it to the EU's Budgetary Authority (the Council and the European Parliament) for approval.

4. If approved, the Member State may receive up to 60% of the cost of its action plan.


Article 2(a) : An enterprise and its suppliers and downstream operators.

Article 2(b) : A sector in a region or in two contiguous regions.

Article 2(c) : Small labour markets or exceptional circumstances, where the conditions of Article 2(a) or (b) are not entirely met.