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Employment and social analysis

The European Commission regularly assesses the latest developments in society and the labour market across the EU. The resulting analyses give EU governments valuable evidence to steer their policymaking and provide the background to underpin the Joint Employment Report as well as other instruments key to the Europe 2020 strategy, the European Employment Strategy and the Social Protection and Social Inclusion strategy.

Key outputs

Annual Report: Employment and Social Developments in Europe

This report provides the basic analysis to underpin policy developments under the inclusive growth strand of the Europe 2020 strategy. It replaced the earlier Social Situation Report and the Employment in Europe report.

Monitoring of the labour market and the social situation

The EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review gives an overview of recent developments in the European labour market and social situation, including short-term changes in GDP and employment growth, in employment and unemployment rates, and in labour demand, as well as for vulnerable groups. Thematic and sectoral analyses are also presented in the form of short "special focus" sections. Finally, the situation among a rotating selection of Member States is analysed in greater detail.

Short analytical notes – Occasional web notes

These occasional short analytical notes provide a "special focus" analysis. They can include a specific thematic, country, sectoral or group analysis. They include descriptive analysis of recently published regular or ad-hoc data generated through the EU-LFS or the EU-SILC surveys or other data sources (e.g. the Labour Market Policy statistics database). These notes are published in electronic format.

The Monthly Labour Market Fact Sheet (published until December 2012) provided a factual, descriptive update aiming to shed light on the situation in European labour markets on a timely basis using latest available data. Its data and analysis continue to appear in the Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review.

The analytical working papers analyse various aspects of employment and social policy and underpin priority policy needs, notably the Europe 2020 process, and provide detailed analytical background for longer term challenges.


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Thematic analysis

Expert networks and EU agencies

Analysis by the Social Situation Observatory:

Analysis by the OECD

Analysis by the European Employment Observatory

Analysis by Eurofound

Analysis by Cedefop



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