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Sectoral social dialogue - Road transport

Social partners

Employees' organisations Employers' organisations
European Transport Workers' Federation International Road Transport Union

Social dialogue in this sector covers:

  • passenger and freight transport by road.

Road transport is a vital mode of transport, making a considerable contribution to GDP and employing almost 5 million people in the EU.

Challenges to the sector include:

  • making transport safer and more secure to improve working conditions in the sector and the transport environment as a whole
  • opening transport markets in Europe, which has significantly increased the competitive pressure on operators and their mobile workers
  • harmonising social standards with an influence on the cost structure to guarantee good working conditions and protect the health and safety of workers
  • attracting young recruits to the profession when there is an increasing shortage of qualified staff.

Focus areas

The Committee is currently focusing on:

  • better rest facilities
  • logistics qualifications
  • the driver training directive
  • better enforcement of EU driving and rest time rules
  • driver shortages, image and recruitment in road transport
  • the European Skills, Competences and Occupations Project (ESCO)
  • illegal employment
  • urban public transport.

Activities and meetings

Check the library entries for this sectoral social dialogue committee.


  • Joint project on skills, training and the road transport sector (STARTS) ( 2010-12)
  • Joint project on women employment in urban public transport sector (WISE) (2010-12)
  • Joint statement on parking along Europe's road transport network (2011)
  • Joint statement on the review of the tachograph regulation (2010)
  • Statement on the economic crisis (2009)

See also "European sectoral social dialogue – recent developments" (2010 brochure).


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