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Sectoral social dialogue - Hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA)

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European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe's in Europe

Social dialogue in this sector covers:

  • corporate social responsibility
  • training and lifelong learning
  • undeclared work
  • young people.

In Europe, the hotel and catering industry employs some 9.5 million workers (5% of total EU workforce). The sector is largely dominated by small businesses, with over 99% of firms employing fewer than 250 individuals. Large numbers of seasonal workers are hired in addition to permanent staff during peak periods.

The major challenges of the sector are sustainability and competiveness in the context of the crisis, information, training, and new technologies.

Focus areas

The Committee is currently focusing on:

  •  European Qualification and Skills Passport
  • undeclared work / illegal working practices
  • corporate social responsibility.

Activities and meetings

Check the library entries for this sectoral social dialogue committee.


  • Joint statement on the continuation of the work on the European qualification and skills passport (2008)
  • Young people and the hospitality sector – contribution to the Youth initiative (2005)
  • Joint Recommendation: Guidelines for training and development, especially in SMEs, in the hotel, restaurant and café sector (2004)

See also "European sectoral social dialogue – recent developments" (2010 brochure).