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Sectoral social dialogue - Central government administrations

Social partners

Employees' organisations Employers' organisations

Trade Unions’ National and European Administration Delegation (TUNED) [European Public Services Union (EPSU) and European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI)]

European Public administration Employers (EUPAE)

Social dialogue in this sector:

  • covers civil and public servants, largely located in the government ministries, agencies, and EU institutions
  • aims to facilitate the sharing of information and to influence EU initiatives affecting employees in central government – more than seven million people.

Central government administrations are subject to many reforms, often driven by financial considerations such as decentralisation, alignment of working conditions and status to the private sector, or privatisation of core functions and services. 

In addition to national austerity measures, government administrations also face major challenges at EU level (cost-efficiency pressures and increasing macro-economic constraints).

Governments have been pressed to improve the quality of public administration services delivered to citizens, as a result of their increasingly different and sophisticated demands.

Focus areas

TUNED will focus on:

  • the social impact of the crisis
  • managing change
  • anticipating new skill needs
  • promoting equality and diversity
  • improving the image and attractiveness of civil service
  • efficiency of administrations
  • working conditions
  • ageing workforce
  • health and safety issues

Activities and meetings

Check the library entries for this sectoral social dialogue committee


  • Opinion on the EU Commission’s Green Paper Restructuring and anticipation of change: what lessons from recent experience? (2012)
  • Statement on the effects of the crisis (2011)
  • Statement on equal pay between women and men (2011) 

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