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Pressemitteilung - Reform der Entsenderichtlinie
Überarbeitung der Richtlinie über die Entsendung von Arbeitnehmern – häufig gestellte Fragen
Conference on Fundamental Social Rights and the Posting of Workers in the Framework of the Single Market - June 2011 - Conference papers/presentations
Empfehlung der Kommission: Verbesserung der Verwaltungszusammenarbeit + Berichtigung
Mitteilung der Kommission - Entsendung von Arbeitnehmern: COM(2007)304
Leitlinien für die Entsendung von Arbeitnehmern: COM(2006)159
Commission Communication - The implementation of Directive 96/71/EC COM(2003)458
Country-specific factsheets on posted workers
Are you a posted worker?
Posted Workers - Implementation Reports
Studies on the posting of workers
Memo - Posting of workers: EU safeguards against social dumping
Proposal for Regulation on the excercise of the right to take collective action within the context of the economic freedoms of the single market
Proposal for Directive concerning the enforcement of the provision applicable to the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services
Study on the Posting of workers carried out for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) - 2010
Commission staff working document accompanying the 2007 Communication SEC(2007)747
Study on the posting of workers carried out for the Eurofound - Pedersini, Roberto; Pallini, Massimo, Posted workers in the EU, 2010.
Posting of Workers in the Construction Industry