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Green Paper towards adequate, sustainable and safe European pension systems

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Economic affairs; Employment and social affairs; Internal market

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All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from Member States, other public authorities, business organisations, social partners and non-governmental organisations.

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Od:     07/07/2010     do:   15/11/2010
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Europe needs to ensure adequate, sustainable and safe pensions for its citizens. Rapidly approaching population ageing creates both an immediate and a long-term challenge for pension systems. Many Member States have carried out substantial reforms already, but more may be needed. The economic and financial crisis has exacerbated the demographic challenge and highlighted risks in some pension schemes. If the EU is to sufficiently support and complement Member State efforts to deliver adequate and sustainable pensions for citizens, the incomplete and fragmented European framework of policy coordination and regulation needs to be reconsidered holistically as social policy, economic policy and financial regulation are inter-related. This Green Paper launches a consultation about how the EU can achieve this aim.

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