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PROGRESS programme (2007-2013)

Archive (closed calls for tender)

Ref. no. Title
VT/2014/033 PROGRESS programme: Study on 'improving intervention of labour inspection in micro and small enterprises regarding legislation transposing EU OSH directives'
VT/2012/005 PROGRESS programme: Services contract "European Employment Policy Observatory"
VT/2012/027 PROGRESS programme: Proposal for a service contract for the production of a non-binding modular guide to good practice with a view to improving the application of the Community Directives on protecting the health and safety of workers by reducing work related vehicle risk (WRVR)
VT/2012/028 PROGRESS programme: Study service contract to establish the situation in EU and EEA/EFTA countries on mental health in the workplace, evaluate the scope and requirements of possible modifications of relevant EU safety and health at work legislation and elaborate a guidance document to accommodate corresponding risks/concerns, with a view to ultimately ensure adequate protection of workers' mental health from workplace-related risks
VT/2012/040 PROGRESS programme: Analytical support on social protection reforms and their socio-economic impacts in the EU Member States and EFTA/EEA, acceding, candidate and potential candidate countries
VT/2012/056 PROGRESS programme: Evaluation of the practical implementation of EU occupational safety and health (OSH) directives in EU Member States with a view to assessing their relevance, effectiveness and coherence, and identifying possible improvements to the regulatory framework
VT/2012/081 PROGRESS programme: Support Services for Social Policy Experimentation in the EU
VT/2012/089 PROGRESS programme: Database on Transnational Company Agreements: Update and Maintenance
VT/2011/002 PROGRESS programme: Support services for the peer review in social protection and social inclusion programme
VT/2011/003 PROGRESS programme: Network of independent experts on social inclusion
VT/2011/006 PROGRESS programme: Study on the consequences of the documentation of the risk assessment (Article 9 of Directive 89/391/EEC) by very small enterprises, compared with a possible exemption from that obligation
VT/2011/007 PROGRESS programme: Framework contract for Services relating to the development, management and dissemination of the ESCO classification
VT/2011/008 PROGRESS programme: WEESP - web tool for evaluated employment services practices
VT/2011/013 PROGRESS programme: Study on transfers of undertakings in insolvency situations
VT/2011/016 PROGRESS programme: Performance Monitoring 2011-2013 of the EU Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity PROGRESS 2007-2013
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