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Darbas kitoje ES šalyje

  • 21/02/2017

    2016 annual report on intra-EU labour mobility

    In 2015, almost 11.3 million EU citizens of working age were residing in a Member State other than their country of citizenship. This report presents an overview of mobility within the EU as well as of the economic integration of the mobile workers. In addition, report  focus this year on workers going back to their country of origin, and on the mobility at higher age (retired EU-movers).

  • 03/02/2017

    Tavo pirmasis EURES darbas - Tikslinė judumo programa - 2017 m. leidimas

    „Tavo pirmasis EURES darbas“ – ES finansuojama iniciatyva, kuri: padeda jauniems europiečiams susirasti darbą, mokomąją arba gamybinę praktiką kitoje ES ELPA/EE šalyje, MVĮ ir kitiems darbdaviams padidina gabių darbuotojų pasirinkimą. Praktinis vadovas apima: tinkamumo reikalavimus ir kaip pateikti prašymą, kaip gauti su darbu susijusią bei finansinę paramą, kur rasti daugiau informacijos. Pradėk ieškoti savo pirmojo EURES darbo jau šiandien!

  • 27/07/2016

    EURES European (online) Job Days - Broadening work horizons

    If you are unemployed, looking for a new challenge or can’t find the skills you need for your company the European Job Days could be for you. Onsite or online, these Europe-wide recruitment fairs match jobseekers with employers in other European countries. Get to know more about the European (online) Job Days platform and read about jobseekers and employers success stories created thanks to the EURES network and the European (online) Job Days platform.

  • 02/08/2013

    READY TO MAKE THE MOVE? What you need to know about living and working abroad – and so much more. Update

    This booklet is designed for anyone who is thinking of moving to live and work abroad – or else commuting daily to work in a neighbouring country, as a cross-border worker. It includes tips on looking for and applying for work in each European Union Member State, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. All these countries have an agreement to allow each other's citizens to travel and work in any of the other countries. This publication is available in printed format and as eBook in all EU official languages as well as in Icelandic and Norwegian.

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