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Darbas kitoje ES šalyje

Darbas kitoje ES šalyje

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FMW - Online Journal on Free Movement of Workers within the European Union – no 7  (11/02/2014)

Catalog N. : KE-XD-13-002-EN-N

The seventh edition of the Online Journal focuses on a) the right of residence and access to social benefits for jobseekers seeking work in another Member State, b) the retention of worker status where the migrant has been employed and is involuntarily unemployed and c) the impact of differential social security systems and taxation on the welfare of frontier workers in the EU. This online journal is available in English only.


PASIRENGE VYKTI SVETUR ? Visa tai, ka jums reikia žinoti apie gyvenima ir darba užsienyje  (02/08/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-30-12-898-LT-C

Ši brošiura skirta tiems, kurie ketina vykti gyventi ir dirbti i užsieni arba kasdien vyksta i darba kaimynineje šalyje. Joje patariama, kaip ieškoti darbo ir kreiptis del jo kiekvienoje Europos Sajungos valstybeje nareje, taip pat Islandijoje, Lichtenšteine, Norvegijoje ir Šveicarijoje. Visos šios šalys yra sudariusios susitarima, kad ju pilieciai galetu keliauti ir dirbti tose šalyse. Šis leidinys prieinamas spausdintine forma visomis oficialiomis ES kalbomis kaip e. knyga, taip pat islandu ir norvegu kalbomis.


READY TO MAKE THE MOVE? What you need to know about living and working abroad – and so much more. Update  (02/08/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-32-12-898-EN-N

This booklet is designed for anyone who is thinking of moving to live and work abroad – or else commuting daily to work in a neighbouring country, as a cross-border worker. It includes tips on looking for and applying for work in each European Union Member State, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. All these countries have an agreement to allow each other's citizens to travel and work in any of the other countries. This publication is available in printed format and as eBook in all EU official languages as well as in Icelandic and Norwegian.

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Social Agenda 34 - Free movement of EU workers  (30/07/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-AF-13-034-EN-C

Social Agenda No 34 features the European Commission’s recent proposal to concretely help EU workers who want to move, or already have moved, within the European Single Market. Although the EU legislation on the freedom of movement of workers dates back to 1968, the right to equal treatment with the workers of the host country (i.e. non-discrimination on the grounds of nationality) is still not familiar to many, including among national and local civil servants. Social Agenda also looks from an employment and social affairs angle at the EU budgetary framework leading up to 2020, the need for common European indicators to improve cohesion policy and the 2013 European Semester. And it explains why "Social Europe" is one of the European Commission's most popular social media platforms. Social Agenda is available in printed format in English, French and German.


Darbuotojų samdymas Europoje - Vadovas darbdaviams  (24/07/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-32-12-217-LT-C

Apie 3 proc. europiečių gyvena ir dirba ne savo kilmės šalyje. Jie atneša į darbovietę naujų įgūdžių ir naują perspektyvą ir suteikia darbdaviams galimybę rasti tinkamiausius darbuotojus, renkantis iš platesnio kandidatų rato. Šis vadovas supažindins jus su darbuotojų samdymu užsienyje ir paaiškins būtinus šio proceso veiksmus. Šis leidinys išspausdintas visomis ES oficialiosiomis kalbomis, taip pat islandų ir norvegų kalbomis.


Kaip rasti darbą Europoje - Patarimai darbo ieškantiems asmenims  (24/07/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-30-12-897-LT-C

Vis daugiau įvairaus amžiaus europiečių renkasi galimybę gyventi ir dirbti kitoje šalyje. Ir vis daugiau žmonių pripažįsta, kad naudinga įgyti profesinės patirties kitoje Europos šalyje. Tačiau tik 3 proc. europiečių gyvena ir dirba ne savo kilmės šalyje. O juk net ir trumpai dirbant užsienyje galima labai patobulinti savo įgūdžius ir įgyti daugiau galimybių rasti geresnį darbą savo šalyje. Šis vadovas supažindins jus su rasti darbą užsienyje ir paaiškins būtinus šio proceso veiksmus. Šis leidinys išspausdintas visomis ES oficialiosiomis kalbomis, taip pat islandų ir norvegų kalbomis.


FMW - Online Journal on Free Movement of Workers within the European Union No6  (28/06/2013)

Catalog N. : KE-XD-13-001-EN-N

The sixth edition of the Online Journal follows the European Commission’s recent adoption of a proposal for a Directive, which looks at ways to improve the application of worker’s rights in the EU. The proposed legislation seeks to increase this effectiveness, through a better application of EU law on people’s rights to work in another Member State. Within this context three different experts in the field offer their insights into the current situation, with a specific focus on the dynamics of contemporary forms of intra-EU mobility and ambiguities that currently exist in the rules on access to social assistance benefits for EU citizens when abroad. This online journal is available in English only.


European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2012 + Annex  (07/12/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-30-12-983-EN-N

The European Vacancy and Recruitment Report is the first of a set of biennial reports to be launched by the European Commission as part of the EU Skills Panorama. The report focuses on changes in the demand for labour, including analyses of contractual arrangements, sector demand, occupation demand, growing occupations, difficult to fill vacancies (bottleneck occupations), skills requirements and the market shares of public employment services and temporary work agencies. The report shows that top bottleneck occupations all over Europe are in health, ICT, engineering, sales and finance. This publication is available in electronic format in English only.


Tavo pirmasis EURES darbas  (13/02/2012)

Catalog N. : KE-30-11-253-LT-C

Tavo pirmasis EURES darbas – naujas Europos Sąjungos judumo darbo tikslais projektas, padedantis kvalifikuotam jaunimui susirasti darbą, o darbdaviams rasti jaunų darbuotojų. Šiame lankstinuke darbo ieškantiems jaunuoliams ir darbdaviams pateikiama informacija apie privalumus ir paramą, kurią jie gali gauti šio projekto metu. Šis leidinys yra išspausdintas visomis oficialiosiomis ES kalbomis.


FMW Online journal of free movement of workers No 3  (22/12/2011)

Catalog N. : KE-XD-11-001-EN-N

FMW, the online Journal on free movement of workers within the European Union, is a twice-yearly publication coordinated by the network of experts on free movement of workers, through a Board of Advisors, under the supervision of the European Commission. Its aim is to develop academic interest and stimulate debate on this fundamental area of European law. In this third issue, past judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union are at the heart of the authors' analysis. In the first contribution Koen Lenaerts, judge at the Court of Justice, explores how the Court has determined the existence of a cross-border element in the light of recent cases such as Rottmann, Ruiz Zambrano, and McCarthy. The second contribution by Camelia Toader, judge at the Court of Justice, together with her Legal Secretary Andrei Florea, points out certain key aspects pertaining to the development of the free movement of workers. The third contribution by Diane Roland, Senior Lecturer at Lincoln Law School, questions the coherency and consistency of interpretation of some recent cases of the Court in the field of freedom of movement of workers and education. If you are interested in contributing to the Journal, please contact us at: This online Journal is available in English only.

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