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Labour law

Archive (closed calls for tender)

Ref. no. Title
VT/2011/013 PROGRESS programme: Study on transfers of undertakings in insolvency situations
VT/2011/065 PROGRESS programme: Establishment, organisation, management and coordination of a European network of legal experts in the field of labour law
VT/2011/074 PROGRESS programme: Study on out of court settlement mechanisms in transnational labour disputes
VT/2010/031 PROGRESS programme:  Implementation of Directive 2005/47/EC on the agreement on certain aspects of the working conditions of mobile workers engaged in interoperable cross-border services in the railway sector
VT/2010/036 PROGRESS programme: Transfers of undertakings in insolvency situations
VT/2010/037 Complementary study on the legal aspects of the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services in the European Union
VT/2010/051 PROGRESS programme: Study on the characteristics and legal effects of agreements between companies and workers' representatives
VT/2010/063 PROGRESS programme: Study on the protection of workers' rights in subcontracting processes in the European Union
VT/2010/084 Study on precarious work and social rights
VT/2009/048 PROGRESS programme: VT/2009/048 Database on transnational company agreements: content development
VT/2008/053 PROGRESS programme: The conduct of a comparative study of the legal regulation of the employment relationship in the EU-27 with a view to identifying good practice in the determination and use of employment relationships to ensure compliance with national and Community law
VT/2008/054 PROGRESS programme: Studies on the implementation of the EU Labour Law directives in Bulgaria and Romania
VT/2008/089 PROGRESS programme: Study on the implementation of the Directive 2003/72/EC (employee involvement in the European cooperative society) in ten Member States
VT/2007/101 European network of legal experts in the field of labour law, dealing with both individual and collective rights/aspects
VT/2006/044 Benefit systems and their interaction with active labour market policies (ALMPs) in the new Member States


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