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Written Statement Directive

This Directive gives employees starting a new job the right to be notified in writing of the essential aspects of their employment relationship. After a detailed evaluation, the Commission concluded that many workers in the EU still do not receive a written confirmation of their working conditions or do not receive all the information they need in a timely manner. This includes mostly atypical workers such as casual workers (for instance those on zero-hour contracts) or intermittent workers. It also concerns particular sectors, such as construction, agriculture or catering, or specific categories of workers, such as domestic workers or paid trainees.

The consultation of the Social Partners on a possible revision of the Written Statement Directive is first to make sure that all EU workers in need of information receive a written and timely confirmation of their working conditions. Second, the Commission observes that some employment relationships put workers in a vulnerable position or push flexibility to an unstainable level, whatever the quality of information they receive.  Therefore, the Commission also opens a debate on basic rights or safeguards for all workers in the EU that could be inserted in the Directive.