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Is my practice eligible for inclusion on this platform?

We would like to post any activity that an organisation undertakes that affects outcomes for children. These may include policies, regulations, programmes, and other strategies. If your practice meets these criteria and has been implemented in the European Union, please submit it here to share what you are doing with others!

Will my practice be included in the Evidence Based Practices?

If your practice has been evaluated, please also complete the ‘evaluation references’ field below, and your practice will automatically be considered for inclusion in the Evidence-Based Practice section. Your practice will be reviewed for inclusion in the section according to our evidence review criteria.

How do I submit my practice to the Social Innovation Repository or User Registry?

In order to submit your practice, please fill out all of the fields below and hit 'submit'. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your submission. Our review team will review the submission for appropriateness and completeness, and will post either on the Social Innovation Repository or Practice User Registry within four weeks. If you have any questions about the submission form, please contact us at

How do I update my practice entry with information on new evaluations?

Users are also encouraged to notify us when a new evaluation is completed for a practice that is already listed in this user registry. We hope you will let us know by sending email to, and we will review the new evaluation to assess whether it needs to be included in the Evidence-Based Practice section.

: : Practice title (*)
: : Practice title in host language (if applicable)
: : Overview (*)
(Brief description of practice)
: : Practice category (*)
: : Recommendation Pillar
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(*) Please provide a short description of the organisation implementing the practice below
: : Rationale/theory of the practice (*)
Please describe the rationale, theory or goal of the elements essential to the practice. If there are any elements of social innovation applicable to the practice (e.g. novelty, meets social needs, creates social relationships and new collaborations) please also describe them
: : Outcomes of the Practice (*)
What are the intended short and long-term outcomes of the practice? Does the practice have a comprehensive description of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context?
: : Mode of delivery(*)

(*) Please briefly describe the modes of delivery/implementation (e.g. face-to-face or by some other mechanism, such as internet or telephone, bank transfers) of the practice and whether it was provided individually or in a group. Please include any other relevant details.
: : Delivery dosage. Frequency(*)

(*)Please describe the number of times the programme is delivered and over what period of time including the number of sessions, their schedule, and their duration, intensity or dose.
: : Location of the practice (*)

(*) Please briefly describe the type of location(s) where the practice is implemented, including any necessary infrastructure or relevant features
: : Key lessons learned (*)
(What are key lessons learned from the design and implementation, innovations, or other features of this practice that would help others in their work?)
: : Practice materials(*)
Are practice materials available?

If yes, please provide a brief description of the material available (e.g. manual, curriculum, etc.; if not available online how can these be accessed?). If known, please also provide details on the materials cost (are they available for free? If not, how much does it cost to access them?)
: : Cost Information (*)
Is information on implementation cost of the practice available?

If yes, was it found to be cost-effective? Please provide details:
: : Scale of implementation (*)
If available please indicate the number of individuals served and number of locations implementing the practice. If not, please state ‘Not available’
: : Evidence of effectiveness(*)
Has the practice been evaluated?

If this practice has been evaluated and information is available, or an evaluation is underway or planned, please provide some further details below; if not, please go to contact information.
: : If the practice had been evaluated, was a follow-up study conducted? (*)
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By submitting contact information and details of your practice you agree to be contacted by the evaluation team, and to possible publication of the same information. Given contact details will be published on the EPIC website.

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