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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Types of organisation:Non-profit/youth organisations
Start Year:2017

Mrs. Paloma Cantero Gomez
Area of action:Quality, Image, Mobility

YouthProAktiv is an international network of organizations working in education, training and youth promoting personal and professional development.

We pledge to increase our efforts to advocate for a strong emphasis on VET education and on the development of comprehensive apprenticeships schemes as key solution to overcome youth unemployment in Europe. We believe this will contribute to change the reactive mindset to a proactive mentality that will create the right environment to encourage new generations of socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs. We will do so by

  1.  Increasing the quality of VET education by providing policy input to ongoing debates and consultations at the EU level. We will aggregate and transmit the views of our international network on Vocational Education and apprenticeships.
  2. Increasing the profile of apprenticeships as a valid career choice for young people by organizing social media campaigns on the issue and participating in the activities related to the Vocational Skills Week in Brussels.
  3. Disseminating information about new EU initiative with respect to apprenticeships among young people through our extensive network of national organizations, contacts at the EU level,
  4. Promoting mobility schemes in the field of apprenticeships and initiatives supporting this mobility (ErasmusPRO)

By signing this pledge, we will support mobility of young people by organizing international events, trainings, and conferences on the issue of entrepreneurship, professional skills, personal development, leadership, the importance of apprenticeships, and other professional experiences in developing necessary kills for the labor market

Among the actions taken by YouthProAktiv, we also advocate for innovative and open education systems with strong ties to professional training allowing young people to easily transit from education to the labor market. In consequence, we support the development of strong apprenticeship programs, as well as obligatory internships. In recent years, we have contributed to a number of consultations launched by the European Commission on education. We have created a number of statements on tackling youth unemployment, promoting entrepreneurship among young people, and showcasing VET as an interesting and fulfilling career option for young people.


Added value:

Young people gathered in YouthProAktiv as well as national education, training and youth organizations participating in YouthProAktiv’s international network need to play a strong role in developing policies regarding apprenticeships. Since the young people are the main target group for strong apprenticeship’s schemes either at local, national or international level, YouthProAktive would like to provide EAfA with their input during international debates concerning European initiatives in this field.

Among others, YouthProAktiv has already embraced the creation of ErasmusPRO as a strong step in developing international scheme for apprenticeships, during which young people will have a chance to develop their skills abroad, gain experience and technologies that could be implemented at home.

Simultaneously, following this development we pledge to

  1. Contribute to at least 3 public consultations launched by the European Commission on the issue of apprenticeships, mobility, education, youth by the end of 2017
  2. Run a social media campaign on the importance of professional and vocational skills as well as apprenticeships for the economy and the labour market, in order to increase their public image by the end of 2017
  3. Participate in at least 3 events taking place in Brussels within the European Vocational Skills Week in 2017
  4. Build a network of contact with crucial importance for development of policies related with apprenticeships at the EU level, including EU officials (DG EMPL), social partners, NGOs, (50 contacts) by the end of 2017
  5. Disseminate information about the activities carried out by the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, CEDEFOP in our newsletter spread to all our contacts in Europe (10 newsletters per year)

Participate in events, conferences devoted to vocational skills, apprenticeships, mobility schemes for apprentices (at least 3 in 2017), in order to contribute to the discussion on the issue.

Short company / organisation description:

YouthProAktiv is an international organization promoting personal and professional development among young people. We represent 27 organizations from 16 European countries working on formal and informal education, mobility schemes and professional development. Additionally, we promote Vocational Education and Training as a valid and attractive career choice for young people.