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Databases and indicators

LABREF - LABour market REForm database

LABREF provides a comprehensive set of data on the measures adopted by the EU Member States in policy fields likely to have a direct impact on labour market performance. It contains valuable information on the number, type and design of measures, which can easily be compared across countries.

The LIME assessment framework (LAF) database

LAF is an analytical tool designed to help Member States identify policy measures to raise growth potential. This is part of the work that the LIME group, a sub-committee of the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) has undertaken to track, analyse and model structural reforms.

Tax and benefits indicators database

The tax and benefits indicators database presents results of an on-going joint European Commission/OECD project, aimed at monitoring the direct influence of tax and benefit instruments on household incomes and incentives to work.

Labour market policies (LMP) database

Labour market policy (LMP) statistics provide information on labour market interventions which are defined as 'public interventions in the labour market aimed at reaching an efficient functioning and correcting disequilibria. These interventions selectively favour particular groups in the labour market.'

Youth Guarantee Indicator Framework database

The EMCO Indicators Group was mandated by a Council Recommendation to develop a fully-fledged proposal for a methodology and indicators for monitoring at EU level the implementation and results of the Youth Guarantee.