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Employment and social analysis

Archive (closed calls for tender)

Ref. no. Title
VT/2013/013 PROGRESS programme: Maintenance and development of the EU labour market policy statistical database
VT/2012/024 Provision of services related to evaluation, evaluative studies, analysis and research work, including support for impact assessment activities
VT/2012/057 The Social Situation Monitor: Ensuring continuity of the European Observatory on Demography and Social Situation, this contract aims at providing policy-relevant analytical and methodological support on the developments in income distribution, poverty, social exclusion and material deprivation as well as health, helping the Commission in its efforts to monitor living standards and life chances across the EU and across different groups in society, and to evaluate how policies affect them.
VT/2010/008 PROGRESS programme: Analysis of costs and benefits of active compared to passive labour market policy measures
VT/2010/010 PROGRESS programme: Development/maintenance of the Labour Market Model
VT/2010/021 PROGRESS programme: Study service contract on the analysis at EU level of health, socio-economic and environmental impact in connection with possible amendment to Directive 2004/37/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29.4.2004 on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work to extend the scope of it in order to include category 1 and 2 reprotoxic substances.
VT/2009/037 PROGRESS programme: Study contract on "Role and Impact of labour taxation policies"
VT/2009/038 PROGRESS programme: Sustainability issues - green jobs; trade and labour
VT/2009/049 PROGRESS programme: Feasibility study on establishing a European platform for cooperation between labour inspectorates, and other relevant monitoring and enforcement bodies, to prevent and fight undeclared work
VT/2008/011 PROGRESS programme: Services contract "Mutual Learning support"
VT/2008/012 PROGRESS programme: Service contract "European Employment Observatory network and support services"
VT/2008/038 PROGRESS programme: VP/2008/38 - Study on the review of methodologies applied for the assessment of employment and social impacts
VT/2007/056 Study "Modelling of labour markets in the European Union"
VT/2007/060 In the framework of PROGRESS, Study "Assessing employment and social impacts of selected strategic Commission policies"
VT/2007/075 Study contract: Study on workers' mobility
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