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Greece - Benefits for accidents at work and occupational diseases

When can I claim?

  • Work accident: if you are a salaried employee, you come under the IKA-ETAM insurance scheme and are the victim of an accident that either took place during work or in relation to work, or while travelling to or from work, then you are entitled to the benefits in kind and in cash which are provided in the event of a work accident.
  • Occupational disease: if you are directly insured or a pensioner and you suffer from a chronic illness related to the hazards of your job, which occurred after a certain time period, then you are entitled to the benefits provided in the event of occupational disease.

Which requirements must I meet?

  • Work accident: in the event of a work accident, you are entitled to cash benefits and benefits in kind regardless of the length of insurance coverage. In other words, no minimum insurance period is required.

nevertheless, you must have at least one day of insurance.

  • Occupational disease: in the event of occupational disease, no minimum insurance period is required.

All cash benefits resulting from work accidents or occupational diseases are – as a rule – subject to tax.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim it?

  • Benefits in kind: in the event of temporary loss of working capacity, you are entitled to the same benefits in kind (medical care, hospital care and hospitalisation) as those provided in the framework of healthcare benefits.
  • Benefits in cash: you are entitled to a benefit that is paid from the first day that the accident is reported; the amount is calculated in the same way as the ordinary illness benefit is calculated. The benefit is provided for the same time period as the illness benefit.

In the case of permanent invalidity or death resulting from an accident at work, you will be paid an invalidity pension or your dependants will receive a survivor’s pension, respectively, in accordance with the provisions on pensions due to invalidity or death.

Furthermore, in the event of death, a benefit is provided to cover funeral costs.

Either you or someone authorised by you must report the accident to your employer and to the local IKA-ETAM office within five working days from the day following the accident. If the accident results in total invalidity, the reporting deadline is extended to one year, and if it results in death, to two years.

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Social Insurance Institute

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