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Sometime in your life you may be in need of the support provided by social security benefits. If you are living in your own country and satisfy the condition, you will be entitled to receive support, but you also have the right to receive benefits if you are a national of any EU country and move to another. The information below sets out when you are eligible for benefits, what you are entitled to and how to go about claiming.

Maternity and paternity benefits
Family benefits  

Benefits for those in need of care
Health insurance benefits in kind in the event of illness
Health insurance financial benefits in the event of illness

Disability benefits
Benefits for accidents at work and occupational diseases
"Social compensation" benefits  

Old-age and survivors' benefits
Pensions and other old age benefits
Survivors' benefits

Social assistance
Minimum benefit system

Unemployment benefits

Combining social insurance contributions from abroad
Previous benefits (in other EU countries) may be taken into account.

Habitual residence
"Normal residence"


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