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Knowledge bank and networks

The knowledge bank is an information repository of facts and data on Social Protection and Social Inclusion for the future policy development and cooperation between Member States in the areas of:

Social investment

The Knowledge bank aims to collect evidence on the functioning of welfare systems from a social investment approach. This includes design and financing aspects as well as issues pertaining to affordability, efficiency and effectiveness in different context and realities in Member States.


The size of the population of working age in Europe will shrink, whilst the proportion of older people will expand rapidly. The social and economic changes associated with population ageing are likely to have profound implications for the EU, stretching across a wide range of policy areas.

Peer reviews

Peer reviews are a key instrument of the social "open method of coordination" (OMC). They allow an open discussion on social protection and social inclusion policies in the EU Member States and facilitate mutual learning.

Experts network on social inclusion

The network assists the European Commission in monitoring and evaluating the poverty and social exclusion objectives within the Europe 2020 strategy, as well as the relevant policies in Member States and non-EU countries (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).