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Building a comprehensive and participative strategy on homelessness (Portugal)


Although an increasing number of Member States have adopted comprehensive and participative homelessness strategies, with an emphasis on coordination between public authorities and NGOs, integration of service provision, and more effective use of public funding, this has mostly occurred in northern European countries. In contrast, many southern and eastern countries still face difficulties and constraints, in particular with regard to strategy design and stakeholder involvement.

Host Country : Portugal

Place and date : Lisbon, 4. - 5.11.2010

Peer countries : Denmark - Finland - Hungary - Ireland - Poland - Serbia - Spain

Stakeholders : Eurocities, FEANTSA

Portugal therefore wishes to host a Peer Review aimed at gathering information, enhancing mutual learning and exploring good practices in these fields.

Portugal's own homelessness strategy, launched in March 2009, was not only designed by a large group of public and private stakeholders, it also involved them in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation phases. Although based upon a rather strict definition of homelessness, local networks were encouraged to develop their own homelessness diagnoses and action plans within a broad framework that includes prevention, intervention and follow-up measures.

The Peer Review will enable participants to share their experiences and to learn from the elements of good governance and of stakeholder involvement and commitment present in the Portuguese homelessness strategy.  

Peer Review manager

Ms Renate Haupfleisch (ÖSB Consulting GmbH)

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