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Neplánované lekárske ošetrenie - Bulharsko

Emergency calls

Национална здравноосигурителна каса
(National Health Insurance Fund)
Tel: +359 2 965 9116
Tel Hotline: 0800 14 800

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  • Most doctors in Bulgaria are contracted by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), meaning that they should treat you upon presentation of your European Health Insurance Card. You will be charged a consultation fee amounting BGN 290.


  • Most dental services are not covered, so you will usually be charged the full cost of the treatment. If the dentist is not contracted with NHIF, you will be charged the full cost of the treatment, which is non refundable. 

Hospital treatment

  • Hospital treatment in contracted by NHIF clinics or hospitals is free of charge if you present your European Health Insurance Card. You will be charged BGN 5.80 for each day of hospitalisation up to 10 days. After being discharged you are entitled to two additional check-ups as part of your inpatient treatment (treatment provided during a hospital stay).


  • Medicine prescribed to you by a NHIF contracted doctor, may be available at fully or partially subsidised prices at NHIF-contracted pharmacies. Such Pharmacies have a NHIF Logo visible inside or outside the premises. 
  • To get expensive medicine, which is totally covered by NHIF, you would need “Prescription booklet”. This can be arranged by a General Practitioner, upon consultation with a specialist, contracted by NHIF. For this purpose you will have to make provisional choice of a General Practitioner.

Ambulance: call 150

  • Free of charge in emergencies.

Air ambulance

  • No information available



  • The consultation fee is non-refundable in Bulgaria.


  • If the dentist does not have a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), you will be charged the full cost of treatment, which is non refundable.


  • The cost of medication is non-refundable in Bulgaria.
  • If you have had to pay for care, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home to seek reimbursement.


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