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Unforeseen medical treatment - Norway

Note: Residents of the other Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden) need only show a valid national ID card to prove eligibility for public healthcare in Norway.


HELFO Service Center (public health services portal)
Tel: 815 70 030

Treatment & costs


  • To receive acute and essential treatment, you must preferably consult a Public Emergency Room ("legevakt") or Public General Practitioner. You should show your European Health Insurance Card and your passport or other identification.
  • Provided that you have a valid card, you are entitled to pay a subsidized fee for the treatment on the same basis as a Norwegian resident. Charges are not refundable and may vary.


  • You will usually have to pay the full cost of any dental treatment. Dental treatment is usually non-refundable in Norway, except for children.

Hospital treatment

  • For hospital treatment, a doctor's referral is necessary.
  • In case of an emergency, you can get treatment from the nearest public hospital.
  • In-patient treatment, including necessary medication, is free of charge.
  • To see a specialist or receive out-patient treatment, you must be referred by a doctor, and you will have to pay applicable standard fees.


  • Prescribed medicine can be collected at any pharmacy and charges may vary.


  • Ambulance transport is free of charge in emergencies.

Air ambulance

  • Air ambulance transport is free of charge in emergencies.


If you show your European Health Insurance Card, you should be charged only the standard patient contributions (which are not refundable).

If you have had to pay for care, contact your national health insurance provider once you return home to seek reimbursement.


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