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Unforeseen medical treatment - Malta


Call 112

Ministry of Health and Energy
Tel: +356 25952400

Treatment & costs


  • Treatment is provided free of charge in public health centres.


  • Acute emergency dental treatment is provided free of charge in the public hospital and health centres, but its extent is limited.
  • Most dental care is provided in the private sector. Any costs incurred for private healthcare are non-refundable.

Hospital treatment

  • Treatment in the accident and emergency department of a public hospital is free of charge.


  • Any medication prescribed during inpatient treatment, or for the first three days after you are discharged, is free.
  • You will be charged in full for anything prescribed after this period and these charges are not refundable.


  • Ambulance travel is free in an emergency as long as you can prove you are entitled to treatment.

Air ambulance

  • No information available.


Contact the Entitlement Unit within the Maltese Ministry of Health, and show your original receipts.

Ministry of Health and Energy
Entitlement Unit
Ground Floor, Ex-Outpatient Block, St Luke’s Hospital
G’Mangia Hill
Tel: +356 25952400

If you have had to pay for the cost of your care and have been unable to claim a refund while you are away you should contact your national health insurance provider.


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