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Unforeseen medical treatment - Greece


Call 166


National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY) (in Greek)

Tel. +30 210 8110 903 / +30 210 8110 931


Inquiries for health benefits in kind in the EU:

Tel. +30 210 8110 916 / +30 210 8110 919

Treatment, coverage & costs


  • You can consult a doctor in the public health system (PEDY or NHS) free of charge or an EOPYY-contracted doctor free of charge under certain conditions by presenting your card.
  • If you consult a private doctor, you will be charged.


  • You can consult a dentist in the public health system (PEDY or NHS) free of charge, by presenting your card.
  • If you consult a private dentist, you will be charged.

Hospital treatment

  • Free of charge in a public hospital – if you have a referral by the Greek doctor treating you.
  • For private clinics with an EOPYY contract, you will be charged a co-payment according to the terms of the contract.


  • You can buy medicines prescribed by a PEDY or EOPYY-contracted doctor in any pharmacy.
  • You will be charged a patient fee, which may vary depending on the medication. In Greece, this is non-reimbursable, but you might be eligible for reimbursement in your home country.


  • Free to hospitals on duty in the public healthcare system.
  • Provided by the National Centre for First Aid (EKAV).

Air ambulance

  • Free, in an emergency.
  • Provided by the National Centre for First Aid (EKAV).


  • You will not be reimbursed for any treatment by private doctors or clinics not contracted to the public health system (EOPYY).
  • If you have to pay for the cost of your care, you should contact your national health insurance provider when you return home to claim a reimbursement.
  • Fee of €5 for a consultation/medical examination by appointment in out-patient wards of public hospitals or Health Units.
  • The amount of the contribution in contracted private clinics depends on the financing system (either 30% or 10%).
  • As a general rule, a charge of 25% applies for medicines prescribed by a doctor.
  • For diagnostic examinations in EOPYY-contracted diagnostic centers, a co-payment of 15% applies.

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

  • The EHIC covers the provision of oxygentherapy, dialysis and chemotherapy.
  • Arrange and pre-book medical treatment before travelling.
  • Make sure the treatment is in a state-funded NHS or EOPYY-contracted healthcare provider.
  • Treatments at private healthcare providers are not covered.

Loss of card

Contact for holders of EHICs issued in Greece

Are you insured with Greece's IKA-ETAM social security organisation?

Contact IKA ETAM (Unit for European the Health Insurance Card)

Fax: +30 210 7783037

E mail:


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