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Unforeseen medical treatment - Greece


Call 166


National Organisation for Healthcare Services Provision (EOPYY)

Tel. +30 210 68.71.770

Tel. +30 210 68.71.771

Tel. +30 210 68.71.772


Treatment & costs


  • You can consult a public health system (ΕΟPΥΥ) doctor free of charge or an EOPYY-contracted doctor free of charge under certain conditions by presenting your card.
  • If you consult a private doctor, you will be charged.


  • You can consult a public health system (ΕΟPΥΥ) dentist free of charge, by presenting your card.
  • If you consult a private dentist, you will be charged.

Hospital treatment

  • Free of charge in a public hospital – if you are referred by a public health system (EOPYY) doctor or by the hospital’s competent unit. For private clinics having a contract with EOPYY, you will be charged with a co-payment according to the terms of the contract.


  • You can buy medicines prescribed by an EOPYY or EOPYY-contracted doctor in any pharmacy.
  • You will be charged a patient fee, which may vary depending on the medication. In Greece, this is non-reimbursable, but you might be eligible for reimbursement in your home country.


  • Usually free – to hospitals in the public healthcare system.

Air ambulance

  • Free, in a real emergency. Provided by the National Centre for First Aid (EKAV).


You will not be reimbursed for any treatment by private doctors or clinics not contracted to the public health system (EOPYY).

If you have had to pay for the cost of your care, you should contact your national health insurance provider when you return home to claim a reimbursement.


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