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Unforeseen medical treatment - Austria


Treatment, coverage & costs


  • Consult a doctor contracted by one of Austria's regional health insurance offices (Gebietskrankenkasse). Their services are free. They usually display the signs "Kassenarzt" (contracted doctor) or "Alle Kassen".


  • A limited range of dental treatment is available under the State healthcare system.
  • Dentists with Gebietskrankenkasse contracts, will not charge you. They usually display the signs "Kassenarzt" (contracted doctor) or "Alle Kassen".

Hospital treatment

  • Treatment is free of charge if the hospital has a "Landesgesundheitsfonds" contract (University hospitals, regional hospitals).
  • A referral from a doctor is needed (except in emergencies).
  • Daily charge for the first 28 days in hospital. This fee may differ according to the State (in 2015 between €12.00 and €20.10)
  • Detailed information (in German) about acute care hospitals and their services on Österreichischer Spitaskompass


  • A prescription fee, currently €5.55 (2015) is payable.
  • Prescribed medicines are available in any pharmacy (standard price)
  • Search for pharmacies (in German)


  • Necessary ambulance travel is covered.

Air ambulance


  • If you were charged for your treatment, because you selected a doctor not under contract with Austria's regional health insurance offices (sometimes there is a sign saying "Wahlarzt" or "Keine Kassen") you can claim back up to 80% of the amount the health insurance institution would have paid for treatment by a doctor under contract.
  • Reimbursements are claimed directly from one of Austria's health insurance offices, Gebietskrankenkassen.
  • Send your original receipts with your claim. Keep copies of anything you send for your records.
  • Unable to submit a claim during your stay? Then contact your national health insurance provider once you return home.


Hospital treatment

  • There is a fee for an in-patient stay in the hospital, which differs according to the state (in between €12.00 and €20.10 in 2015)
  • This contribution is required for no more than 28 calendar days per calendar year


There is a prescription fee: currently (in 2015): €5.55

Medical aids and devices

  • Medical aids and devices (e.g. spectacles, orthopaedic shoe inserts) can be obtained with a doctor's prescription.
  • Insured persons have to pay cost sharing, which is generally 10% of the acquisition costs, and currently at least €31.00, or in the case of spectacles, €93.00 (2015)

Dialysis, oxygen & chemotherapy

Loss of card

Contacts for holders of an EHIC issued in Austria


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