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Ex-post evaluation of the EGF (2007-2013)  (2015)
Ex-post evaluation of the EGF (2007-2013)

Ex-post evaluation of the EGF (2007-2013). Executive summary  (2015)
Ex-post evaluation of the EGF (2007-2013). Executive summary

Challenges faced by L.I.– ex-post evaluation – final report.  (2015)

Evaluation of 2009_104_EC Work Equipment Directive and it’s interplay with related Directives  (2015)

ESF achievements 2007-2012 - Final Synthesis Report  (2014)

Evaluation of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations  (2014)

Synthesis Report - Ex-post evaluation of the Programme for employment and social solidarity – PROGRESS 2007- 2013 and recommendations for the successor programmes to PROGRESS 2014-2020  (2014)

Evaluation report of the ESF Expert Evaluation Network on Women and Young People  (2013)

Design and Commissioning of Counterfactual Impact Evaluations - A Practical Guidance for ESF Managing Authorities  (2013)
Evaluations of programmes and interventions financed through the European Social Fund (ESF) have proven challenging and have in many cases not allowed policy-makers to draw evidence-based conclusions regarding their effectiveness and efficiency. In order to strengthen future evaluations, the European Commission is encouraging Member States to increase efforts to develop credible evidence of ESF effects beyond what would have been achieved in the absence of ESF support. Such evidence requires counterfactual impact evaluations (CIEs) – i.e. comparison of results to estimates of what would have occurred otherwise. This guidance provides practical advice on some of the key questions that need to be considered when designing, commissioning and conducting CIEs. It is intended for ESF Managing Authorities (MA) and other bodies responsible for the implementation of ESF-funded programmes and interventions. The focus is on practicalities, though through necessity some technical issues are discussed.

Final report of the ESF Expert Evaluation Network on Social Inclusion  (2012)