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VP/2012/007  (2014)
Call for proposals for Social Policy Experimentations

VP/2013/006  (2014)
Operating grants for EU-level NGO networks active in the promotion of social inclusion and poverty reduction or active in the promotion of microfinance and social enterprise finance

VP/2013/008  (2014)
EU programme for employment and social solidarity - PROGRESS (2007-2013)

VP/2013/016  (2014)
PROGRESS programme: PARES: Benchmarking between Employment Services

VP/2013/010  (2014)
Delivering on skills for growth and jobs

VP/2011/009  (2013)
Call for proposals for social experimentations

VP/2011/010  (2013)
Projects contributing to exchange of good practices

VP/2012/010  (2012)
Call for proposals for actions related to the development of pension modelling and for support for mutual learning in national pension reform processes

VP/2012/009  (2012)
Mutual learning in the field of skills and employment, EU Sector Skills Councils and Restructuring

VP/2011/005  (2012)
Public Employment services & Private Employment Services working together PARES (PARtnerships between Employment Services)