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Towards a greener labour market – The employment dimension of tackling environmental challenges (2010)

Foundations and structures for a Joint Assessment Framework (JAF), including an Employment Performance Monitor (EPM), to monitor the Employment Guidelines under Europe 2020 (2010)

Quality in Work – Thematic Review 2010 (2010)

Policies to support youth - Thematic Review (2010)

The Employment Dimension of tackling Climate Change - EMCO report (2009)

Monitoring and Analysis of Flexicurity Policies: Report of the EMCO Indicators Group (2009)

EMCO Ad Hoc Group Report on the 2009 thematic review: Skills upgrading and Skills matching (2009)

EMCO Ad Hoc Group Report on the 2009 thematic review: Inclusive Labour Markets (2009)

EMCO Working Group Report on: Enhancing higher productivity and more and better jobs including for people at the margins of the labour market (2006)

EMCO expert group report on making work pay (2003)