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Research Note 2010: Financial exclusion in the EU  (2010)

Research Note 2010: Detailed analysis of the relative position of migrants (2010)

Research Note 2010: Developing and testing a new measure of social climate (2010)

Research Note 2010: Modelling the distributional effects of austerity measures (2010)

Research Note 2010: Over-indebtedness (2010)

Research Note 2010: The persistent risk of poverty (2010)

Research Note 2010: The potential effects of the recession on the risk of poverty (2010)

Research Note 2009: Analysing the link between measured and perceived income inequality in European countries (2009)

Research Note 2009: Measuring wealth and the implications for measures of distribution and the risk of poverty (2009)

Research Note 2009: The impact of income in kind on income distribution and the risk of poverty (2009)