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Research Note 2009: Measuring ‘Avoidable’ Mortality (2009)

Research Note 2009: Primary care in Europe (2009)

Research Note 2009: Unmet need as an indicator of access to health care in Europe (2009)

Research Note 2009: Recession and health in Europe: what to expect? (2009)

Annual Report 2009: Health trends in the EU (2009)

Research Note 2008: Countering the stigmatisation and discrimination of people with mental health problems in Europe (2008)

Research Note 2008: Relative and absolute inequalities in health (2008)

Research Note 2008: Chronic Disease Management in Europe (2008)

Research Note 2008: Is prevention better than cure? A review of the evidence (2008)

Research Note 2008: What are the methodological issues related to measuring health care performance? (2008)