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Chapter 1: EU employment in a global context: where will new jobs come from and what will they look like? (2014)
The EU is a strong global economy but, as it emerges from recession, it faces many far-reaching challenges – increasingly specialised trade and production, rapidly evolving technologies, and ever increasing concerns about demographic and environmental challenges. This chapter considers the evidence of where Europe’s new jobs come from, what they will look like in terms of content and skills, and what kind of education, training and support will be required. It foresees growth in high quality jobs that exploit the EU’s comparative advantage, as well as new jobs in the health and care sectors.

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Supplement: Human capital availability across the EU – skills perspective (2014)
EU Employment and Social Situation - Quarterly Review - September 2014

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Catalogue of Measures, September 2014 (2014)
Catalogue of Measures, September 2014

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