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Final report on indirect measurement methods for undeclared work in the EU and Croatia and Turkey (2009)  (2009)

A taxonomy of European labour markets using quality indicators  (2008)

Employment in Europe Report 2008 - Chapter 4: Measuring the quality of employment in the EU  (2008)

Seminar on 'Measurement of Undeclared Work' - The Italian approach of measuring undeclared work  (2007)

Employment in Europe Report 2007 - Chapter 5: The Labour income share in the EU  (2007)

Special Eurobarometer survey  (2007)

The Impact of working time - Country reports  (2006)

The Impact of Working Time - Executive Summary  (2006)

The Impact of working time  (2006)

Health and Quality in Work - Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Mortality in Europe and the OECD - Annex IV and V (2006)  (2006)