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Agenda: Hearing: Career-long professional learning (23 November) (2017)

Agenda: Career-long professional learning – support systems (22 November) (2017)

ESPN Flash Report 2017/48 - Denmark - Denmark: Reform aimed at raising the effective retirement age and removing disincentives to private retirement savings (2017)
The new Danish pension reform improves incentives for postponing retirement and for pension savings for persons in the later years of their career while also strengthening residence as a basis for entitlement to the universal national old-age pension.

How well are late-career labour markets functioning, including in the context of digitalisation? / Which employment policies for longer working lives will be needed? - Anne Sonnet / Nicola Duell (2017)

Lifelong Career Guidance Centres - CISOK (2017)

ESCO: improving career guidance services  (2017)
Make sure you are speaking the same language are recruiters: if you are a career guidance service provider use ESCO, the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. Learn more about ESCO and how it supports innovative and improved guidance services across Europe.

PES Network Seminar Summary Report - Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning (2017)

PES Practice: Employment Challenge and Career Challenge initiatives (2017)

Practitioner’s Toolkit for PES Building Career Guidance and Lifelong Learning (2017)

Implementation of the Youth Guarantee – Challenges and Success Factors (2017)