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PES Slovenia (Dorotea Verša Paić): Diversity management in counselling roles in Slovenia  (2012)

PES Poland (Monika Dabrowska): Employment of job matching agents and vocational counsellors in Poland  (2013)

PES Norway (Peter R. Myklebust): Competence development and monitoring to ensure quality of service and goal attainment at NAV  (2013)

PES Germany (Dirk Mertins): Professional qualification of counsellors in the Bundesagentur für Arbeit  (2013)

PES France (Marie-Thérèse Lucion): Training for employment counsellors in France: initial and continuous training programmes and the challenge of changing requirements  (2013)

PES Estonia (Katrin Raadom): Developing professionalism of employment counsellors - the Estonian case  (2013)

PES Croatia (Mirjana Zećirević): Recruitment and training of employment counsellors in Croatia  (2013)

PES Belgium - VDAB (Gloria Dewulf and Koen Noerens): Leadership development in a changing context  (2013)

PES Austria (Susanne Loudon): The leadership approach of the Austrian PES  (2013)

Sanja Crnković-Pozaić: Presentation Staffing concepts and the role of leadership  (2013)