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Analytical Paper: Multi-Channel Management in PES: from blending to omni-channelling  (2017)

PES Austria (Gerhard Pöschl): Integrated multi-channelling service: leading and steering the AMS into the multi-channel world  (2011)

PES Austria (Gerhard Pöschl): Integrated Multichannel Service (IMS)  (2011)

PES Sweden (Claes-Göran Lock): Public Employment Service in Sweden - Multichannel strategy  (2011)

PES Estonia (Pille Liimal): Multi-channelling – experiences of Estonian PES  (2011)

PES Belgium VDAB (Ronny Rycx): Multi-channelling at VDAB  (2011)

Willem Pietersen: Integrated multi-channelling – research and PES practice  (2011)

PES Belgium – VDAB (Veerle Torrekens): Overview of channels  (2011)

PES Belgium (Ronny Rycx): Multi-channelling at VDAB Belgium  (2011)

PES Belgium – VDAB (Ronny Rycx) Case - vacancy flow and follow-up  (2011)