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PES UK (Eamonn Davern): Action Planning in the UK  (2012)

PES Netherlands (Ilse Koster-Klaver): Actions in e- and face-to- face services  (2012)

PES Estonia (Anu Tamm): Monitoring and follow up of Individual Action Plans in Estonia  (2012)

PES Bulgaria (Marina Faldjyiska): Monitoring and Follow-up of Individual Action Plans  (2012)

PES Belgium – VDAB (Liesbeth Cael): Development and design of individual action plans  (2012)

PES Ireland (Joe McGuiness): Development and design of IAPs Ireland’s approach  (2012)

PES Germany (Susanne Koch): Working with individual action plans in Germany  (2012)

PES Lithuania (Gytis Darulis): Development and Design of Individual Action Plan  (2012)

Regina Konle-Seidl: Activation and Integration - Monitoring and follow-up of IAPs and their outcomes in selected EU countries  (2012)

Jenny Bimrose: Individual Action Planning (IAP) - Resolving tensions and maximising impact in European PES?  (2012)