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Conference programme: New developments, good practices and lessons learnt (2011)

Executive summary: New developments, good practices and lessons learnt (2011)

Thematic paper: One year of the PES to PES Dialogue - Discussions at the Dissemination Conference (2011)
New developments, good practices and lessos learnt

Hugh Mosley: Decentralisation of Public Employment Services (2011)

Jan Hendeliowitz: Managing Accountability and Flexibility in the Employment System (2011)

PES Germany (Olivier Schmale): German PES approach to profiling soft skills (2011)

Vincent Pattison: Profiling for sustainable employment outcomes - a view from Ingeus (2011)

Tibor B. Borbély-Pecze – A.G. Watts: European Public Employment Services and Lifelong Guidance (2011)

Raimo Vuorinen: The relevance of the work of the ELGPN to key EU policy areas (2011)

PES Finland (Toni Riipinen): Risk profiling of long-term unemployment in Finland (2011)