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July 2009 - New Skills for New Jobs? Status Quo and Perspectives for the Elderly Care Sector in Europe (2009)
This report presents a summary of the regular reports submitted by the EEPO country experts of the European Employment Policy Observatory.

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EEO Review 2009: The employment dimension of economic greening (2009)
The concept of ‘going green’ is spreading in the EU and is having a significant impact on the economy. This greening of the economy is expected to have widespread effects on EU industries and the labour market. This European Employment Observatory Review looks at the influence of the greening of the economy on European employment. The report analyses both the risks and benefits of the green economy and identifies measures that can be taken to limit such risks.

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Future Skills Needs in the Green Economy (2009)
Conference proceeding of workshop on green skills requirements in the medium-term future

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EMCO opinion on Skills and Mobility (2009)
Geographical, occupational, sectoral and social mobility and skills development strategies are crucial for confronting the crisis, paving the way for recovery, and easing the restructuring processes. In Europe, areas of persistent high unemployment co-exist with skills shortages and bottlenecks even in times of crisis.

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Restructuring forum Sectors' New Skills for New Jobs 7& 8 Dec 2009: Plenary presentations (2009)
Powerpoint presentations made during the plenary sessions of the restructuring forum on Sectors' new skills for new jobs in Brussels on 7 and 8 December

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Mind the gap: Europe's potential skills deficit (2009)
Europe, potentially, faces a major skills problem in the near future. Over 20 million new jobs are expected to be created between 2006 and 2020. Another 85 million jobs will be available to replace people who retire or leave the labour market for other reasons. Although more jobs and more job opportunities are forecast, the working age population will fall by around six million.

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